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Best Safaris in Rajasthan

Best Safaris in Rajasthan Are you looking for an excellent way to submerge yourself into the vibrant culture of the desert state? If so, then take safaris in Rajasthan. While planning a journey to Rajasthan, it is not possible to identify where to start and end your sightseeing because the gigantic state has more beauty, culture, and heritage to provide to the interested tourist. You can able to find exotic variety everywhere, as there are many unique experiences hiding in every corner of Rajasthan. So, capturing all of them in a very short trip is quite impossible and that is why you take safaris to enjoy the best of the desert state. There are several kinds of royal safaris found in Rajasthan ranging from the usual jeep safaris and car safaris to the most exotic horse safaris, camel safaris, and elephant safaris.

Jeep Safari:

If you want to visit the regions located in and around the wonderful pink city, jeep safari is a perfect way. You can find a range of flora and fauna in addition to eco-friendly locals. Therefore, the blend of wildlife and lush greenery makes your vacation a remarkable one. Availing jeep safari packages will help you scour a greater area in no time. Hence, you get enough time to visit other interesting places in Jodhpur. The jeep safaris usually cover rocky areas, desert land, and hills in a limited time span and save you the need of trekking. Jeep safaris are available around the year.

Camel Safari:

Camel Safari is the most famous royal safari in Rajasthan. The safaris organized in the desert state are quite exhilarating as well. These safaris take you through the rural villages where you can able to encounter local folk dressed up in their traditional attire. You can also discover the pilgrimage sites in Rajasthan by sitting on camelback. Furthermore, you can feel the eternal bonding, which camels have with the state of Rajasthan. Apart from enjoying astounding sunrise views, tourists can also relish scrumptious dishes of Rajasthan. The best time to hire a camel safari is from October to May.

Horse Safari:

Horse safari is the best safari in Rajasthan, which provides you the chance of riding a Marwari horse in addition to indulging yourself in a series of fun activities. If you want to get the panoramic view of the entire state of Rajasthan, you must obviously consider going on the horse safaris. Besides great accommodation, tourists can also receive overnight camping in the Swiss tents. In addition, you would get all your meals and also an experienced tour guide in order to accompany you during the journey. The perfect time to enjoy a horse safari is between September and March.

Elephant Safari:

The pink city of Rajasthan is popular for its Elephant safaris, which are the most thrilling way to explore the countryside. An elephant safari is the best way to get relief from your daily city life and immerse in the peaceful solitude of the landscape. Most of these safaris will guide you through several villages where you can find the village folk indulged in their daily activities. The elephants are decked up in colorful decoration to offer you a royal feeling. Just like jeep safaris, elephant safaris are also available all around the year.

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