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Top 5 Best Luxury Desert Camps In Jaisalmer

Top 5 Best Luxury Desert Camps In Jaisalmer Best Luxury Desert Camps In Jaisalmer | Best Luxury Desert Tents In Jaisalmer | Best Jaisalmer Desert Camps:- Desert camping in Jaisalmer is worth of getting visited by millions of tourists all over from the globe. Desert safari will give you a thrilling experience you can do on your tour. Safari includes jeep safari and camel safari at Sam Sand Dunes. A view of sunrise and sunset in the desert at the time of camel safari is just adorable. Camel ride is the best exploit activity you can ever experience. Desert camping is also the most adventurous experience you can ever explore in life. Tented accommodation in desert camping is different and a memorable experience as it will show you a true color of Sand Dunes.

You can enjoy the beautiful desert with golden dunes, the setting sun and a luxury tent with modern amenities. In this way, you can picture-perfect luxurious vacation. If you are looking for the best luxury desert camps in Jaisalmer and then we have a beautiful stay suggestion suitable for you

  • Prince Desert Camp:- The Prince desert camp offers an excellent tent to have a comfortable stay. You can get everything near to your area and helps the visitors in organizing safari and provides high-quality service. The camps are just near to Sam Dunes where the tourist can see the dunes from their tent windows. The price of the tent is INR 3,455 per night.
  • Hotel Pleasant Haveli:- The Pleasant Haveli offers a world of traditional hospitality combined with modern comforts and all western standards. The comfortable air-conditioned rooms are tastefully decorated in the old Haveli style with a private bathroom. They also provide delicious cuisines to the visitors and also arrange the cultural programs to make the visitors feel happier. The tariff of the tent is INR 3,080.
  • Winds Desert Camp:- The winds desert camp gives an awesome experience where you can enjoy living in a tent kind of accommodation. This place gives you an authentic Rajasthani feel. They provide a hassle-free location, amazing food and camping experience make it all worthwhile. The price of the tent is INR 4,097 per night.
  • Le Royal Camps:- Le Royal camps are fully of true Rajasthani culture and hospitality. This camp provides cultural programs and activities like camel ride, paragliding, quad biking and so on. This camp offers luxury accommodation is very close to Sam Dunes in Jaisalmer. the price of the tent is INR 6,160 per night.
  • Hotel Lalgarh Fort and Palace:- The Lalgarh Fort and Palace provides excellent service with modern amenities. They will also provide delicious cuisines. They will make you get comfortable and world-class hospitality. The price of the room is INR 2,744 per night.

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