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Top Tourist Places in Bikaner

Top Tourist Places in Bikaner is home to one of the only two models of the biplane used by the British during World War I. They were presented by the British to Maharaja Ganga Singh, then ruler of the city. Another unique aspect about Bikaner are the sand dunes that are scattered throughout the district, especially from the north-east down to the southern area. Bikaner is situated in the northern region of Rajasthan. One of the earlier established cities, Bikaner still displays its ancient opulence through palaces and forts, built of red sandstone, that have withstood the passage of time. The city boasts of some of the world’s best riding camels and is aptly nicknamed ‘camel country’. It is also home to one of the world’s largest camel research and breeding farms; as well as being known for having its own unique temple dedicated to Karni Mata at Deshnok, called the Rats Temple.

The origins of Bikaner can be traced back to 1488 when a Rathore prince, Rao Bikaji, founded the kingdom. Legend has it that Bikaji, one of Rao Jodhaji’s five sons, left his father’s Durbar in annoyance after an insensitive remark from his father, the illustrious founder of Jodhpur. Bikaji travelled far and when he came upon the wilderness called Jangladesh, he decided to set up his own kingdom and transformed it into an impressive city.

Junagarh Fort: Bikaner

“Junagarh Fort” also known as “Bikaner Fort” is a main attraction in Bikaner. Junagarh Fort  is a perfect example of Mughal, Gujarati and Rajput style of architecture, this Fort has 986 big walls together with 37 supports. No doubt, its beautifully built balconies, lawns, pavilions, windows and a scenic surrounding offer tourists many chances to click.

Last but not least don’t miss to explore the gems present within the fort named Chandra Mahal, Phool Mahal, Karan Mahal and Anoop Mahal which display paintings, mirrors and glass antiques that will surely captivates you.

Timing: 10:00 am – 4:30 pm (Daily)

Entrance Fee: Indian/Foreigner: Rs. 50/ Rs. 300

Lalgarh Palace: Bikaner

Lalgarh Palace is one of the other architectural wonder of Bikaner. With a perfect combination of Mughal, Rajput and European architecture, this grand Palace was built by Maharaja Ganga Singh in the memory of his father. Nowadays, this Palace has been converted into a hotel which no doubt an ideal place to spend your vacation.

Despite hotel, the Palace includes a “Museum”and a“Library”. So, go and explore its Museum where miniature paintings are waiting for you, whereas, a Library offers you a glimpses of huge collection of Sanskrit Manuscripts printed on parchments, plaques of silver, copper and gold antiques belonging to Harappan culture and Kushan and Gupta Age.

Timing: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm (Daily)

Entrance Fee: Indian/Foreigner: Rs. 10/ Rs. 20

National Research Centre on Camel: Bikaner

Asia’s largest Camel farm famed by “National Research Centre on Camel” is one of the places which you can’t miss. This Centre is more of a training farm which houses around 230 camels of 3 different breeds including baby camels.

While you are here- then must take a round trip, which not shows you the whole facility but teaches you the methods which are performed at the facility.

And main, don’t forget to try the things that are specially arranged for tourists named camel ride, small in-house museum and whipped camel milk lassi. So enjoy and have a joyful time with family.

Timing: 02:00 pm – 6:00 pm (Daily)

Entrance Fee: Indian/Foreigner: Rs. 20/ Rs. 50

Karni Mata Temple: Bikaner

Karni Mata Templealso known as “Rat Temple” is one of the popular temples in Bikaner. The main highlight of this temple is the large number of Rat (around 20,000) that wanders all around the temple.

Rat temple is devoted to Karni Mata (an epitome of Goddess Durga) has connected with many famous legends. It’s believed that Karni Mata was requested to Yama to give back her son’s life, but Yama declined. So, Karni Mata being the spirit of Goddess Durga revived her son’s life in the form of rat and announced that from now ahead her family won’t face death.

Another famous myth is,it’s believed that if you watch a white rat in the mid of thousands of black rats, then you treated lucky.

Timing: 04:00 am – 9:00 pm (Daily)

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