Wedding Special Traditions & Rituals

Wedding Special Traditions & Rituals

Hindu weddings are vibrant, intricately planned, culture-rich festivities full of celebration and tradition. While the very essence of a Hindu wedding ceremony is the physical, spiritual, and emotional union of two people; it’s also about the coming together of two families through prayer and celebration.

“A Hindu wedding lies somewhere between the couple’s expectations while blending their family traditions,” explains South Asian wedding expert Jignasa Patel. “With many rituals and mini ceremonies leading to the main ceremony day, it binds the couple and both families for eternity.”

Wonderful Reasons To Take The Marriage Oath In India

Wedding Special Traditions & Rituals : It’s great to be an Indian and we are very proud to lead the way in culture, achievements, relationship, armed forces, recognizing rights etc. people from many parts of the world have awed the Indian marriages as the rituals and traditions are completely enriched to strengthen the relationship, health and wealth of the bride and the groom. The grandeur, magnificence and the style of the Indian marriages are usually elaborate and they may extend for few days. The colourful and opulent vivah celebrations start with the marked auspicious day determined by the astrologer. This day is further refined with specified time stipulations to adorn goodwill to the life of the newly wed.

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The pre-party events like mehendi, sangeeth, engagement ceremony marks the rejoice in the passing new phase of life. The wedding usually takes place inside a canopy called mantap; the bride and the groom are beautifully adorned according to their culture. Almost all the Hindu wedding takes place with the Vedic recitation. A strong passion and interest is shown towards the bridal wear, food menu and the guest list. Indian wedding symbolises the triumph of true love and assures to share the moments of harmony, growth and happiness together.

Take A Tour To The Monuments Of Greatest Indian Empires

Wedding Special Traditions & Rituals : The rapidly growing tourism sector in India has been playing a huge role to propagate the beautiful insights for the tourist traffic. There are many premier vacation spots in the various parts of the country and people just need to choose their time duration, type of the weather and the region. The enumerated list of exclusive places in India is sure to entertain the tourists. The stunning craftsmanship depicted in the forts, monuments, palaces of the Mughal period, Chola dynasty, Chalukya Empire, Gupta Empire, Maratha Empire, and Vijayanagara Empire has left significant in the consolidation of historical Indian empires.

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Qutab Minar, Taj Mahal, India Gate, Humayun’s Tomb, Fatehpur Sikhri, Agra Fort in Delhi are the glorious monuments that can ride back to the charm of eternity. Victoria Memorial in Kolkata is another famous marble building. Mehrangarh Fort is the largest fort situated at 410 feet height encompassed with huge walls. The breath taking Mysore palace marks the scenic style of architecture. The distinguished monument of Gateway of India, Victoria Terminus has got a gothic architecture style. The quintessential architectural marvel of Sun temple in Konark has been depicted in the shape of chariot engraved with stone walls, wheels and pillars.

Glorious Palace Weddings In Gujarat

Wedding Special Traditions & Rituals : Do you want to escape the hustle and bustle of city life at least during your marriage ceremony? Then choosing Gujarat can provide you variegated choices of palaces and you can enjoy the big day with grandeur and enamour. The rooted populace welcomes all the tourist and foreigners with the cherished hospitality. The rich, royal and the ritual weddings gets an added exquisite ambience with the contemplation of magnificent palaces in Gujarat. The royal palaces and forts are now being transformed into heritage a hotel which serves as a perfect lavish ambience for the destination weddings. The prevalent wooden carvings and the grandiose turn of the royal past are also perfect for the cherished candid photography of the marriage events.

The city palace façade in Manek Chowk is a perfect wedding destination for the rituals. The Lakhota Fort, Palace- Utelia Uparkot Fort, Kotha Bastion, Kusum Vilas Palace, Nilambagh Palace Hotel, Nazar Bagh Palace, and the tall and majestic standing Dabhoi Fort can take a grandiose turn for your wedding events. The bridal family can take help of the local priest to precede the function. Enjoy the big romantic day with a royal symbol of pre-eminence.

Celebrating The Moment Of Togetherness In The Goa Beach

Wedding Special Traditions & Rituals : The nice sightseeing places in Goa can also make a beautiful platform for the spectacular wedding. Taking atrip to Goa has always admired people to get their destination wedding in the legacy of churches. The wedding can take place along with the witness of the Mother Nature. To enjoy the richness of beach weddings in Goa, the bridal people have to take prior permission from the Goa government. Add an extra touch to the sunset hues of the royal wedding by customising the gastronomical food menu, goan folk dance, typical rain dance, exotic flowers, coconut water, fire jugglers and you can spice up with fireworks also.

Want to have a creative and fantasy wedding in Goa? Then try the secluded beaches or the luxury resort which is a perfect ambiance for the custom made and incredible wedding. Vainguinim Beach can give a picturesque wedding which can captivate the sea view for the romantic wedding. If you are looking for a cost effective wedding, the glowing common beaches are the perfect destination. Beaches like Baga, Calangute, Colva, Palolem is really accommodative to make the moments of the wedding events with a special touch. Indian style and Christian style weddings are done predominantly in the beaches.

Tranquil Beach Wedding Destinations In Kerala

Wedding Special Traditions & Rituals : The tropical lawns and the palatial décor with the confluence of the nature play its own charm in the destination weddings of Kerala. Perfect relaxation, romantic holidays, authentic traditional beaches, luxury hotels, less crowded site seeing, aesthetic beauty of river water and the proper connectivity to any other place are the added edge that comes to mind when you think of getting married in Kerala. The cerulean waters and the white sandy sea shore do challenges any international wedding destinations. The further romantic touch of floating mantap with the scintillating deep blue waters makes an intimate memorable wedding.

The famed beaches adorned with coconut groves, are getting popular with Indians and NRI people. Shanghumukham, Kovalam, Varkala and Somatheeram are some of the pristine beaches which are an apt place to swear the bond and the celebrations are likely to extend to a memorable holiday. Boat house weddings in Allepey are also getting popular with couples who like to explore the quirky things. Amidst the hills of Munnar with the breath taking back drops can make a heart warming wedding affair. Now even common people tend to celebrate the big day in the exotic location of Kerala and it’s no more reserved to affluent families.

Sangeeth Ceremony Is A Live Band In The Wedding Ceremony

Wedding Special Traditions & Rituals : The cheerful Sangeet ceremony has become a mandatory entry in the wedding events. Organising this music ceremony with the latest play lists has been on pin board for the spirit of celebration. The sangeet rehearsals with the comfortable dance steps performed by the bride and the groom family can make the wedding memorable and ease n the tension of the big day. There are many funny and entertaining ideas designed by the wedding people to rock the stage. Few people in the function like to take part as a celebrity while most of them are comfortable as a cheering spectator.

Romantic tug of war, anthakshari, musical chair, build a suspense category, photo booth, karaoke night can make the craziness quotient fly higher and higher in the music ceremony. The shy and calm relatives also tend enjoy accompanying with the backup chorus and vocals. Apart from all the involved fun there is a lot of ritual significance is being carried with the outburst of emotions. This elaborate function is basically performed to break the barrio between two families and helps in knowing them better. The henna, booze and the food feast also show up with the enjoyable desi beat.

The Auspicious And Traditional Tilak Ceremony

Wedding Special Traditions & Rituals : The tilak ceremony is a pre wedding ceremony performed across diversified caste and creed. Shagun, Pottu, chukka are the other names of Tilak ceremony which declares the formal announcement the bride and the groom’s wedding has been planned. The ceremony is usually celebrated at the groom’s residence and attended by the male guests of the bride’s family. On token of this the bride’s family take the pleasure of respecting the groom with Tilak made of sandal wood, turmeric, saffron or kumkum. To mark the completion of the ritual an aarti ceremony is also performed.

Various gifts like jewellery, money, saris, wedding suits, sweets and dry fruits are also exchanged by both the families during this event. The classic ceremony is a wonderful start for the sequins of celebration that happens in the course of time. The imperative differences of the ceremony may vary from culture to culture but the essence of the celebration remains the same. Both the families strengthen the extended and the corodial relationship further for the mixed connotations. There are even bespoke wedding specialists who can make this ceremony with more unique specialities like wedding garland, boutiques and floral design decoration.

The Significance Of Vidaai Ceremony

Wedding Special Traditions & Rituals : The elaborated fun filled pre weddings are usually followed by the pheras or the kanyadaan and the Vidaai ceremony ends the marking of the big day celebrations. The bride will finally leave their family a member with the good bestows and it is an emotional bidding farewell with the proper proportion of sorrow, joy and anxiety. The emotional stage of the sweet and memorable day is almost followed in all the traditional Hindu culture with their religional significance. The official departure of the newlywed bride to the groom’s house is accompanied by the car or horse journey.

The funny part of the emotional ceremony is the sisters or brother in laws get booty gifts if they perform the onus of assigned tasks by the bridal people. The cousins, brothers and friends of the bride tend to give a little push to the adorned car indicating that they have given their lovable girl to proceed the groom’s life with happiness and flourishment. There are customs of throwing coin on the roads when the car starts to shoo away the evil spirits. Though the sentimental outburst of the bride’s parents feel heavy hearted that their beloved daughter has left their house, they feel convinced with the new exciting life awaiting her.

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