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Manali Tourism

Manali is a beautiful resort town of Himachal Pradesh. It rests within the glorious laps of the Himalayan Mountains. With a population of just about 8000, it is a center of peace & amp; tranquility. Comes December and a carpet of soft white snow covers the entire town in its huge protective arms. However, what makes Manali different from the other hill stations of its kind is its capacity to hold glaring adventures at its very heart. So while you can take your date out into the lush green lanes of the apple orchards surrounding Manali, you can even, in case your spouse is more of an adventure seeker, take them to trek along the Rohtang Pass or to raft in the river Beas.

Also, Manali is a heaven for all the nature lovers. It is best to move through the old Himalayan villages on a mountain bike. Not only does the bike provide you a closer look into the simple lives of the mountain people, it also lets you dump you cars and breathe in the healing air of the mountains. Manali is a balanced mixture of modernity and customs and to prove the same on one hand we have the mall road and on the other, the ever-present Hidimba devi temple. Built in 1553, it is a living example of India’s glorious architectural history. If you want to get into the heart of the place, you must visit old Manali. This is the place where the old meets the new. Although you won’t be able to access all the modern facilities of comfort here, yet, one step inside the town and you find yourself standing in a whole new world of ancient times. If you are a lover of history, old Manali will serve as a medicine to you

Manali Attractions
There are various beautiful tourist places in Manali that attractions visitors from all over the world. From below read about the attractions of Manali. The beautiful sightseeing of Manali made the city famous.

Solang Valley
Solang valley is the most visited place in Manali. This valley offers an amazing view of glaciers and snow-capped mountains and peaks. The lush green beautiful valley attracts everybody. This valley offers an amazing view of glaciers and snow-capped mountains & peaks. It has ski slopes. The lush green beautiful valley attracts everybody. It is a good place to explore the natural beauty. This valley is open throughout the entire year. Manali Trip Packages offers a chance to glide over clouds, great view, Paragliding, and a ropeway car to go to the top where one can roam around and take some memorable pictures with awesome background.

Rohtang Pass
Rohtang Pass is a natural and beautiful popular spot in Manali. This pass connects Lahaul and Spiti Valleys with the Kullu Valley of Himachal Pradesh, India. The pass lies on the breaking point between the Beas and Chenab basins. It is always covered with snow and the best time to visit this place is May to November.

Hidimba Devi Temple
Hidimba Devi Temple is an exclusive holy place dedicated to Hidimba Devi who was the wife of Bhim and the mother of Ghatothkach. This beautiful temple is made of wood and built on rock. Surrounded by beautiful and gorgeous cedar trees, makes it unique. As this temple is a part of the Hindu epic Mahabharata, that’s why this glorious Hidimba Devi Temple holds monumental importance to Hindu pilgrims. Tourists get attracted to this temple because of greenery, peace, and history which is related to ancient India.

Manikaran is a spiritual place both for Hindus and Sikhs. There are many temples and gurudwara. It has a beautiful landscape. Gurudwara Manikarna Sahib is located here which has a special place in the Sikh community. It has major historical significance. The ice-cold waters of the Parvati river co-exist with hot sulfur springs known for their medicinal value, which makes this gurudwara is unique. Famous Shiv Parvati temple is also located in Manikaran. The hot springs here make this place unique. The water of spring supposed to have curative power. The water is hot spring that anybody can cook food in that water.

Gadhan Thekchhokling Gompa
Gadhan Thekchhokling Gompa is one of the best tourist attractions place in Manali. It is a Buddhist monastery. There is a large Lord Buddha statue. Many tourists visit this place for peace. This place is very beautiful and adds a feather in Manali Attractions. In the year 1960, Tibetan refugees constructed this beautiful place.

Beas Kund Trek
Beas Kund Trak is one of the famous tourist destinations of Manali. It is also the way to one of the most undertaken treks and awesome place to visit. You can visit this place mid-may till mid-October. Explore the jungle, let your soul get wooed and a sing-song with water of Beas Kund. Always include this place in Manali Trip Packages.