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Amalgam of Indian spirituality


Indian monuments of spiritual history trace the past of religions in this country. India is a land of diverse culture and consequently secularity in all forms is maintained here. Religion has remained the milieu of Indian civilization in all the ages and the history of this country is associated with history of religions. Years of Indian history replicate the fruition of numerous religions that swayed utmost and perished down. Nevertheless, such religions have left behind its footsteps through consecrated homes. These monuments display the affluent religious past of the country and present a fascinating example of prehistoric architectural brilliance.

This 17 Days and 16 Nights itinerary is an extraordinary journey of discovering spirituality through visiting several historical religious centers to sense the aroma of religious life persistent in India. Through exploring these monuments, a spiritual tourist can witness new thoughts and new perceptions of different religions like Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism, Baha'i, Buddhists, etc.  




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