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Enchanting Kerala


Down South, Kerala calls globetrotters to have an experience of a lifetime. Dressed in shamrock green, Kerala wins heart like no one can. With our 10Days/9Nights Kerala tour, we want you to satiate your wanderlust and fall madly in love with this surreal state in India. Join us for an exploration and an expedition of a land that exudes immense vibrance and tranquility that is hard to miss. Enjoy the adventure of sailing through the backwaters and listening to the roar of tigers, simultaneously being delighted with the charm of setting sun over the azure waters and the aroma of the tea and spices. Kerala is truly magical and its enchantment grows even more when we pair it with a brief visit to the neighbouring state’s gem of a place, Kanyakumari. Yes, you have the opportunity to cherish the experience of standing at the tip of Indian Peninsula and gaze at the never seem to end, Indian Ocean. With our well-designed itinerary, rest assured that your Kerala tour is going to be nothing but the best.




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