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Harnai Beach Tour


Located about 200 km away from Mumbai, Harnai is a calm and quiet beach gaining huge popularity among the tourists and beach lovers from Mumbai and Pune during weekends. Harnai city is one of the attractive, unpolluted and less explored cities around Mumbai. Apart from the Harnai beach, the city is also blessed with an ancient fort, Harnai Fort, which is a main tourist attraction of the area. Further, one can also visit the Burundi Beach and Anjarle Beach.

At Tour My India, we offer a lifetime Harnai Beach Tour to beach lovers from Mumbai and travel freaks visiting Mumbai. Our amazing beach tour to Harnai city will left you totally spellbound. So, enjoy your weekend in the palm-fringed beach of Harnai, which is famous for its clean white sands and safe waters.




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