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Jain Pilgrimage Shikhar Ji Tour


Seek the blessings at one of the highest hills of Parasnath Hill Range. In our 5N/6D Jain Pilgrimage Shikhar JI Tour, we take you on a journey that guarantees utter peace of mind and many many blessings of the Supreme. Get atop the Parasnath Hill at Shikharji to witness the mighty Jain Temples showering blessings on the region. Take a plunge in the spiritual bliss by taking the Pahad Yatra. We then will take you the holy site of Rujiwalika, where Tirthankara Mahaveer attained enlightenment. Feel the divinity of this place and then seek the blessings at Rajgruhi, where we shall walk from temple to temple, paying homage at each. Take a holy bath at Lachhwad and perform Puja and rituals before visiting Guniyaji for the darshan of Shree Gautam Swamiji Kevalgynan Bhumi. We will also visit Kundalpur, the birthplace of Shree Gautam Swami and also seize the opportunity to visit the closely situated Nalanda University before concluding this religious tour at  Gavmandir of Shree Mahavir Swami at Pavapuri.




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