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Mangalore Goa Beach Tour


The exotic and beautiful beaches of Goa draw the attention of nature lovers from all around the planet. Thrilling water activities, sun drenched beaches, and boisterous lifestyle of Goa, makes it the most popular beach destination in India. Tour to Goa is all about visiting beautiful beaches, Portugal monuments, and vivacity spread in the environs.

This 6 Nights and 7 Days of Mangalore Goa Tour Package take the travellers to fun filled excursion of Goa, Coondapoor, Karwar, and Mangalore. The major highlights of this trip are visiting tourist destinations like Karkal Gomateswara's Twin Statue and the 1000 Pillar Jain Temple in Moodbarti, exploring Bhatkal Fort, which is the oldest forts in India, at Karwar, carrying out guided tour covering all major spots in Panjim and Old Goa, and undertaking a day excursion to places like churches, markets, beaches, and temples in Goa. In few words, the tour is an itinerary worth to choose for those who have an inclination towards exploring natural beauty and getting soaked in pleasant tour memories.




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