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Rajasthsan Cities travel packages for Thailand, Cities Tour Packages - Book Cities Holidays in India, Cities Tour Packages in India- Cities Holidays, Customized Cities Holidays, Cities Tour Packages Rajasthan is the Largest State in terms of area and is Seventh most populous state in India through having a low population density. Jaipur is the Largest and most Populated metropolitan area in Rajasthan. Jodhpur, Kota and Bikaner being in order. Bhiwadi, Alwar and Udaipur being the cities with most growth in recent years in both terms of Population and Area. The population projections are calculated using geometric increase, excluding Bhiwadi. By the year 2031 Rajasthan state may have 5 cities with population above 1 million, 3 cities with population of more than 2 million and 1 city having a population above 5 Million.