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In Rajasthan, availing a Tempo Traveller rental as part of a tour package is a popular and convenient option for exploring the diverse and culturally rich state. Several travel agencies and tour operators offer comprehensive Rajasthan tour packages that include Tempo Traveller rentals to accommodate varying group sizes and preferences.

Here’s a general guide on what you can expect from a Rajasthan tour package with a Tempo Traveller rental:

Customizable Packages: Most tour agencies provide customizable Rajasthan tour packages that cater to different preferences, durations, and destinations. You can select from various itineraries that cover popular destinations like Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Ajmer, Pushkar, and more.

Different Seating Capacities: Tempo Travellers come in various seating capacities, typically ranging from 9-seater to 18-seater variants. You can choose the one that best fits the size of your group.

Inclusions: A typical tour package may include the Tempo Traveller rental, accommodation in hotels or heritage properties, sightseeing tours, local guides, meals (as specified in the package), and sometimes additional activities like camel rides, cultural performances, or visits to local markets.

Driver/Guide: The tour package usually includes a professional driver who is familiar with the routes and destinations. In some cases, they might also serve as guides, providing information about the places you visit.

Flexible Itinerary: These packages often offer flexibility in terms of the itinerary. You can plan the number of days, destinations to cover, and the duration of stay at each place according to your preferences.

Cost: The cost of the tour package with a Tempo Traveller rental can vary based on the duration of the tour, the number of people, the type of accommodation chosen, and additional inclusions.

Booking and Confirmation: You can book these packages online through travel agency websites or by directly contacting them. Ensure that you confirm the details of the package, including the inclusions, exclusions, cancellation policies, and payment terms before finalizing the booking.

Before booking a Rajasthan tour package with a Tempo Traveller rental, it’s advisable to:

Check reviews and ratings of the tour operators to ensure reliability and quality service.
Clearly communicate your preferences regarding accommodation, sightseeing, and other specific requirements.
Discuss and confirm all terms and conditions, including the mode of payment, cancellation policies, and any additional charges that might apply.
Rajasthan is a land of vibrant culture, magnificent palaces, forts, and stunning landscapes. Exploring it via a tour package with a Tempo Traveller rental can provide a comfortable and enriching travel experience for you and your group.

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